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Safe2Change puts you on the front lines of account takeover protection.

Breached data gives fraudsters the ammunition they need to change customer contact information and disconnect customers from their financial institutions. If you’re not using rigorous, adaptive screening to assess the risk of all address, email, and phone-number changes, you could be allowing fraudsters to complete and capitalize on account takeover. Safe2Change(SM) provides the industry’s most effective, efficient defense against current and emerging account takeover schemes and rings.

Screen every profile change

Because account takeover schemes are continuously evolving, it’s critical that you apply the same rigor when evaluating the legitimacy of email and phone-number changes as you do when verifying address changes. In less than a second, Safe2Change works behind the scenes using massive databases and patented context-aware scoring to automatically assess the riskiness of every profile change.

Focus on the most suspicious activity

By taking immediate action to verify the legitimacy of high-scoring change requests, you will interrupt most account takeover attempts. With Safe2Change, you won’t waste time or create unnecessary friction by manually investigating changes that were likely requested by honest customers.

Rely on patented technology

Safe2Change is the industry leader for detecting account takeover related to address, email, and phone-number changes. Its patented methods, powerful predictive models, and massive data networks are unmatched.

Automate regulatory compliance

Safe2Change is compliant with FACTA Red Flags section 114b and CIP requirements.

Key Uses

  • Cost-effectively comply with regulations regarding address changes
  • Cost-effectively screen all profile changes to thwart account takeover attempts
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of fraud investigations
  • Reduce customer friction with accurate fraud scoring 

Industries Served: Banking/Deposits, Lending, Ecommerce

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