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ID Verification


ID Verification – Our next-generation identity verification solution that brings enhanced address data and scoring to the table resulting in more approvals and less cost.

Traditional identity verification products attempt to answer the question of identity by “matching” a person’s identifying attributes such as social security number, date of birth, name or address. But what happens when they don’t match? What if your definition of a “match” differs from your vendor’s definition? ID Insight goes beyond the traditional methods of simply matching and solves these problems with enhanced data coverage, predictive scoring, and configurable match and alert criteria.

Some of the largest financial services companies in the country rely on ID Insight as their trusted identity verification solution. By deploying our ID Verification solution, our customers are able to significantly reduce their manual review costs as well as being compliant with various Know Your Customer regulations.

Key Uses

  • CIP / Bank Secrecy Act / USA Patriot Act Compliance
  • Fact Act – Red Flag Compliance
  • New Account Fraud Strategy
  • Automated Customer Due Diligence

Industries Served: Banking/Deposits, Lending, Ecommerce, Health Care


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