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We’ve grown our team considerably in the past two years, creating new positions and strengthening our ability to develop industry-leading fraud prevention solutions. As the professional development coach of the ID Insight team, I believe professional development is a crucial part of innovative product development.

While onboarding new talent in such a tight-knit environment can be a challenge, our chief technology officer, Sudheer Prem, has developed a mentoring and professional development process to ensure every team member understands how their work fits into the company’s product strategy.

Collective ownership of our technology solutions is our most important goal with professional development, and Sudheer gives our entire team – both new employees and seasoned ones – a deeper understanding of product architecture, features, and development challenges.

Sudheer uses a three-step process for onboarding and professional development with the ID Insight product team:

  • Understanding theory, in order to appreciate the underlying theoretical challenges of our technology solution and its ability to solve customer pain points.
  • Understanding architecture, so developers can raise questions and insights that will help us make the product architecture better.
  • Understanding programming, so our entire team can take the insights they’ve learned and apply them to create an even better solution.

Another key element of our professional development is an ongoing literature review of new developments in both the banking/fraud sector and the software development industry. Sudheer follows online discussion forums, a vast LinkedIn network, and professional associations in order to bring current trends and issues to the team.

Two of our developers – Ben Andersen and Divya Baireddy – each have fewer than 10 years of experience. Sudheer, with more than 20 years of experience, is able to bring the team up to speed quickly and ensure the correct processes are in place for giving Ben and Divya ownership and pride in the work they accomplish together.

In order to prioritize professional development, Sudheer looks back on his early career and asks himself: “What would I have wanted to know back then?” This approach helps him impart his expertise to the team on a continuous basis; as Sudheer gleans new insights from industry trends, he can then share them immediately with the development team.

The process works both ways; Sudheer learns as much from the team as they do from him. During regular roundtable discussions, Divya and Ben can offer fresh perspectives, informed by their deep investment in and knowledge of our products. This enthusiasm gives Sudheer a boost of enthusiasm and a relentless drive to make our programming better.

As a team, we are all responsible for making our products as good as they can be. That’s why we see professional development as more than a learning experience; it’s a driver for innovative ideas and continuous enrichment. The company is stronger because we are always learning from each other. That’s how we create a culture of curiosity while celebrating what we each do well.

About the Author
Jack Sundstrom is ID Insight’s Chief Product and Marketing Officer. For the past 25 years he has built advanced analytic solutions on behalf of Fortune 500 clients across a variety of industries including financial services, telecommunications, retail, consumer packaged goods and automotive. Contact him at