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ID Insight is pleased to welcome Ben Andersen to its growing product development team. Andersen is a Java developer who will create enhancements to the core ID Insight platform.

“ID Insight is working on cutting edge new technology,” said Andersen. “Their solution is fast and nimble in its ability to create new features and push code out to customers. I’m excited for the challenge and the opportunity to work with such a talented team.”

Prior to ID Insight, Andersen worked for Delkor Systems as a Java Developer. As part of a small team, Andersen developed internal applications, such as a product configurator for the company.

Andersen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the University of Notre Dame and holds a Full Stack Developer certificate from the University of Minnesota.

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ID Insight is pleased to welcome Jordan Oliver, an experienced business analyst and technologist, to its growing team. Oliver is a product owner for the company’s flagship fraud detection and prevention solutions.

With emerging fraud threats, data breaches and increased automation driving a new wave of account takeover fraud and new account fraud, employing creative and data-driven methods for fraud prevention is essential. Oliver will work with the company’s executive team to develop and execute an innovation strategy that ensures ID Insight stays one step ahead of crooks.

“I strive to understand business needs and customer objectives and translate them into business requirements,” said Oliver, who started in his new role on July 1. “ID Insight has built a user-driven solution that is rooted in business success and ROI. I am so proud to be working with such a talented team to improve upon a cutting-edge fraud-fighting system.”

Prior to ID Insight, Oliver was a senior business analyst for Sagitec Solutions, building and implementing web-based solutions for public pension agencies. He holds a BS in scientific and technical communications from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

Learn more about ID Insight’s fraud prevention and detection solutions.

MINNEAPOLIS (June 21, 2019) – New-account fraud (NAF) and account takeover (ATO) remain the most pressing problems for financial institutions struggling to fight fraud. Minneapolis-based ID Insight – a SaaS data and analytics firm providing next-generation fraud solutions to financial services companies – is tackling financial fraud aggressively on behalf of its clients, among them several of the largest U.S. banks.

ID Insight is attending the 30th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference – June 23-28 in Austin, Tex. – with a sharp focus on the most urgent needs of the industry: creating new predictive models for identifying and eliminating financial fraud.

The ID Insight innovations on display at ACFE include a score-based solution that examines identity attributes, crime dynamics, historic mobility patterns, previous fraud activity and account-opening inquiry velocity to identify out-of-pattern behaviors indicative of first-party fraud, identity fraud, and synthetic fraud.

“There is a perfect storm causing an acceleration of new account and account takeover fraud, and the forecast for the future doesn’t look much brighter,” said Adam Elliott, founder and president of ID Insight. “Fraud activity today is far more organized and automated than in past years, and we are helping banks respond with similarly well-organized and automated fraud controls.”

Since 2017, the number of banks using ID Insight technology to fight fraud has more than tripled. Visit ID Insight in Booth #512 during the show or contact Adam Elliott ( to schedule an in-booth demo of the company’s newest solutions.


The business climate in Minnesota is far better than the state’s fickle weather forecasts, and that’s because our business community is tightly knit, collaborative and innovative at its core.

We were so proud to receive a Progress Minnesota award from Finance & Commerce, the Twin Cities’ only business daily, in recognition of our impact on Minnesota’s business landscape. Our longtime work with Minnesota companies – on the vendor, client and partner sides of our business – has helped make ID Insight successful, and we hope we are doing the same for other Minnesota companies.

The Progress Minnesota awards celebrate business growth across the state, with winners chosen in the following categories: health and medical devices, solar and green energy, technology, media and marketing, nonprofit/government, food and beverage, financial service and manufacturing. ID Insight was one of four honorees in the technology category.  

As the Minnesota economy continues to move forward with innovation and growth into the future, we’re proud to be a part of our shared progress!

ID Insight is pleased to welcome Ryan Osgar to its growing analytics and product development team. With a rising tide of account takeover and new account fraud, ID Insight is using data science to ensure banks stay one step ahead of fraudsters. Osgar will work with the company’s executive team to evaluate and enhance the data and analytics behind ID Insight’s cutting-edge fraud solutions.

“Advanced analytics, AI and machine learning are driving new solutions for detecting and preventing fraud,” said Osgar, who started in his new role on Nov. 26. “ID Insight has built an incredibly powerful, data-driven solution that is future-ready and capable of addressing emerging fraud threats using real-time analytics and alerts. I’m thrilled to be a part of this highly creative team.”

Prior to ID Insight, Osgar was a data analyst for Prospectr Marketing, where he developed databases and conducted statistical analysis. He holds a BS in economics with minors in statistics and anthropology from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

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