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AddressWatch – The industry’s premier database of known fraud and suspect addresses. Used by the majority of the nation’s largest banking institutions.

AddressWatch is a continually refreshed database containing the definitive listing of high-risk addresses in the U.S. and Canada, AddressWatch alerts you of these fraud hot spots before it’s too late.

ID Insight customers leverage AddressWatch as a simple to use, cost-effective way to detect potential fraud at an address. By reviewing transactions where customers or prospective customers purport to be living at a known fraud or high risk address such as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent, clients are able to reduce their fraud losses.

Key Uses

  • Payee / Vendor screening
  • eCommerce order screening
  • New customer / enrollment screening
  • Supplement to internal fraud address list

Industries Served: Banking/Deposits, Lending, Ecommerce, Health Care, Government


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