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See how ID Insight keeps you on the front lines in the fight against identity fraud.

Account Takeover FRAUD

Avoid fraud loss and preserve customer relationships. Our patented analytics detect and thwart account takeover fraud attempts without disrupting customers.

New Account FRAUD

Approve more good customers and detect more fraud. Our unique data and pattern analytics isolate your riskiest account applications.

Know your CUSTOMER

Minimize customer friction and costly delays. We combine superior data with smarter matching to accurately answer the question of identity so you can open more accounts.


Watch how ID Insight helps companies like yours prevent account takeover, detect new account fraud, and minimize customer friction. Then, contact us to schedule a personalized demo of our fraud intelligence platform.




Thousands of financial institutions rely on ID Insight to drive information-based decisions to avoid fraud losses, reduce operational costs and improve customer experiences. Our deep knowledge of evolving fraud patterns sets the industry standard by delivering solutions that facilitate definitive resolution, ultimately bringing more value to both businesses and consumers.


New! Discover how our Fraud Investigation Network helps fraud investigators across the country join forces in the battle against account takeover and new-account fraud. Financial institutions can access the Fraud Investigation Network through our distribution partners or directly through ID Insight solutions. Click here to check out a four-minute demo video.