Safe2Ship – Our comprehensive solution for minimizing the return mail costs and fraud risks associated with the delivery of physical goods to a delivery point address.

Safe2Ship is our next-generation address verification solution that is specifically engineered to minimize the costs associated with returned mail, while also reducing fraud risk. Safe2Ship processes addresses to ensure each is a valid and legitimate delivery point, verifies the customer’s identifying information using our consolidated databases of billions of records, and identifies and appends the best address if the customer does not reside at the address provided. Safe2Ship also includes fraud prevention features tuned specifically to combat account takeover and fraudulent orders.

Large financial services institutions and retailers rely on Safe2Ship as their address verification solution.   By deploying Safe2Ship, our clients are able to significantly reduce their returned mail costs, avoid significant fraud losses, and preserve their customer relationships.

Key Uses

  • Address Change Process Improvement
  • Debit and Credit Card Issuance
  • Order Shipment Fraud Strategy
  • Existing Account Fraud Strategy

Industries Served: Banking/Deposits, Consumer Lending, Ecommerce