ID Insight Announces SEEK Technology

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New platform offers powerful search capabilities without compromising security

ARDEN HILLS, MINN. (August 16, 2012) — Today Minnesota-based data and analytics company ID Insight announced its SEEKsm (Search Engine Encryption Kit) technology. This patent-pending search platform offers a blazing fast and feature-rich searching experience, but without compromising the security of sensitive data. By combining a highly-secure encryption package with the latest advancements in inverted indexing technologies, SEEK achieves the same functionality as the world’s best-known search engines – but uniquely enables a heightened level of data security.

In 2011, data breaches impacted nearly 23 million consumer records in the United States alone, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. “Increasingly, our largest customers were pushing us to not only provide instantaneous access to data, but to do so in a secure way,” said ID Insight co-founder and President Adam Elliott. “With our patent-pending SEEK technology we have enabled our customers to achieve both objectives.”

The key to the new technology is field level encryption. “Field level encryption gives SEEKthat perfect balance between security and performance,” said ID Insight Chief Technology Officer Sudheer Prem. “It facilitates all the features of full text search such as fuzzy matching, wildcard searches, etc. From the security side, it offers the flexibility to select which fields need encryption and with what algorithm. Each implementation can be tailored to the user’s own security requirements.”

Industry leaders see a wide variety of applications of the new technology, which offers a never-before-seen combination of function, performance and security. “The arrival of SEEK is an important development for the world of search,” said Vern Hanzlik, President of EMEA for TEAM Informatics, Inc., and former co-founder of Stellent, a leading provider of enterprise content management software (acquired by Oracle™ in 2006). Dave Shannon, TEAM’s CEO, adds: “As big data gets bigger and more personal, security requirements for enterprise search solutions will inevitably get tighter. I can only see the requirement for secured search gaining steam.”

The first deployment of the SEEK technology is on ID Insight’s own fraud prevention SaaS platform. Coined VigiLens, the technology will be made available to ID Insight users for searching and reviewing high-risk alerts, discovering non-obvious relationships between potential fraud events, and ad-hoc querying and analysis.


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