ID Insight Announces BroadBand Scout for Business

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ID Insight Announces BroadBand Scout for Businesssm
New solution provides broadband industry with critical business connectivity data

ARDEN HILLS, MINN. (April 19, 2012) — Minnesota-based data and analytics company ID Insight today released BroadBand Scout for Businesssm — the first-of-its-kind database of broadband connectivity for businesses across the United States. BroadBand Scout for Business provides access to critical data that allows economic development groups, business broadband providers and other organizations to get a rarely available and clear picture of current broadband infrastructure.

The company’s flagship broadband database, BroadBand Scout, was first released in late 2009 focusing on showing availability and market share for the nation’s residential broadband providers. BroadBand Scout for Business goes beyond the residential providers to look at organizational usage, including large and small businesses, hosting providers and anchor institutions such as schools, universities, hospitals and libraries.

By accessing BroadBand Scout for Business, users are able to determine the “business side” of broadband. For any given geography, users are able to pinpoint who is providing service, how much service are they providing, what addresses they serve and much more.

BroadBand Scout was developed through a unique analytical survey process that now accesses over one billion internet transactions. “In the initial release of BroadBand Scout, we focused on meeting the needs of the Broadband Stimulus Grant Applicants,” said ID Insight President Adam Elliott. “While our initial focus was on residential broadband, we realized that we were also seeing hundreds of millions of internet transactions related to business broadband. We can now get right down to the street level and show how various business parks are wired.”

According to the Census Bureau, there are more than 6 million businesses in the United States. BroadBand Scout for Business observes hundreds of thousands of unique business entities from small businesses to corporate giants. It also identifies the broadband infrastructure for tens of thousands of anchor institutions that include schools, universities, public safety, health care facilities and libraries. Its uses include:

  •  Planning. Allows economic development groups visibility to the current business broadband infrastructure. Information can be applied to not only identify and plan for improvements, but also to bring new business to a specific area.
  •  Verification. Allows state government to verify anchor institutions to meet the needs of the national broadband map.
  •  Market Strategy. Allows business broadband providers to identify and quantify their competitors. This includes measuring market share, estimated speeds and trends over time.

About ID Insight

Twin Cities-based ID Insight, the innovator in Access-Point Intelligence, combines its massive collection of data on people and access points with cutting-edge analytics and solutions to help companies research the competitive landscape, prevent fraud, reduce costs and capture more business. ID Insight provides next-generation market research, verification, authentication, and fraud solutions to financial services companies, credit issuers, retailers, online merchants and broadband providers nationwide. For more information, visit

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