Duluth Turns to ID Insight for Cutting-Edge Broadband Data in Bid to Win Google Speed Internet

BroadBand Scout Data Provides Duluth and Google with Accurate, Objective Picture of Community’s Broadband Make-up

NORTHFIELD, MINN. (March 24, 2010) — ID Insight knows the carriers, speed and usage details of the national broadband landscape, and now, so does Duluth. In a bid to position Duluth as a trial location for Google Fiber, a new ultra-high-speed broadband network, the northern Minnesota community is partnering with ID Insight and will receive access to its BroadBand Scout database.

According to Duluth mayor Don Ness, the information will help Duluth paint an accurate and objective picture of the area’s broadband make-up. “We’re thrilled that ID Insight is providing Duluth with this extremely valuable information,” Ness said. “By allowing Duluth to give Google a granular look at our community’s current broadband make-up, consumption and actual speeds, ID Insight is really helping us stand out from the competition.”

Since it launched in December, BroadBand Scout has been providing similar connectivity, speed and carrier data to communities and broadband carriers applying for funding from the $7.2 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act broadband stimulus program. BroadBand Scout uses a unique analytical survey process of accessing millions of records in ID Insight’s proprietary databases that were initially assembled to track Internet usage activity.

Adam Elliott, president of Northfield-based ID Insight, first became aware of Duluth’s bid to attract Google Fiber at the Blandin Foundation’s Broadband Initiative conference in November 2009. “I thought then that Duluth had a really solid case to make with Google,” Elliott says. “And now, after working with dozens of carriers, communities and organizations across the country to provide data for their stimulus applications, I’m more confident than ever that BroadBand Scout can really help Duluth give Google a complete snapshot of the current broadband landscape, and ultimately win the bid as a trial location for Google Fiber.” The deadline for municipalities to submit information about their communities to Google is March 26.

By combining known Internet access information with address-related data, BroadBand Scout delivers accurate, unbiased connectivity and usage data to help communities and carriers complete stimulus proposals. Organizations are turning to BroadBand Scout for verification of existing data and, more frequently, as a primary data source for state broadband mapping efforts, including comprehensive looks at information previously only available from cable, wireless and satellite operators and telcos. The information also provides an efficient, cost-effective way for broadband and wireless carriers to target new areas for service expansion and better research competitors. For more information, visit www.IDInsight.com/broadband.asp.

About ID Insight

Northfield, Minn.-based ID Insight, the innovator in Access-Point Intelligence, combines its massive collection of data on people and access points with patent-pending analytics to help companies research new markets, prevent fraud, reduce costs and capture more business. ID Insight provides next-generation market research, verification, authentication, and fraud solutions to financial services companies, credit issuers, retailers, online merchants and broadband providers nationwide. For more information, visit www.IDInsight.com.

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