Analyze Broadband Availability and Usage

There has been an explosion in the growth of broadband in recent years, and this growth is expected to continue for years to come. Whether you look at the billions of dollars the government has spent in recent years on broadband, the rapid deployment of 4g mobile and smart phones, or the move from basic broadband connections to fiber connections bringing megabits and gigabits of speed – it is without question we are watching a vast communications industry on the move.

For government agencies and broadband providers looking to develop and plan for new infrastructure– it is absolutely critical to understand the existing broadband landscape. ID Insight developed Broadband Scout for just this purpose. Broadband Scout is the industry’s most comprehensive database of broadband internet availability and usage.

Communications Success Stories

Rural Foundation

This foundation is charged with bringing broadband infrastructure to all rural areas in this state. They receive quarterly summaries for every county in this footprint to see what is changing over time with respect to providers, changes in technology, and internet usage.

Big Cable

This top 10 cable provider receives monthly updates to determine how they are competing against their primary competitors across the country. Prior to Broadband Scout, they could get a macro level understanding of marketshare shifts. With Scout, they have been able to get information much quicker and much more detailed.

State Verification

The NTIA’s National Broadband Map is based on states submitting data they receive from broadband providers indicating where they do business. Scout is being used to verify that the carrier contributed data is correct. Scout has been used to question carriers data, to identify carriers not previously know and to also find out where carriers are located that did not submit data.


This national retailer uses Scout to identify broadband availability and usage across the country. This allows them to set-up more effective incentive programs for their online business.

Economic Development

This local economic development group licensed Scout to understand their local broadband environment and compare to the rest of their state. They are now using the results to promote their area as one with top-notch broadband connectivity when compared with other areas in the state.