Mitigate Cost and Risk

These days we are seeing more regulation, more scrutiny put on all aspects of lending practices, and simply put – monumental pressure put on lenders to profitably navigate this new paradigm.

ID Insight has developed a solutions set that enables lenders to better mitigate fraud and operational risks, comply with new federal regulations, and do so without adding friction to the customer experience. We work very closely with our lending customers to help take cost out of the new account process by reducing manual reviews, auto-approving more accounts, and preventing fraud throughout the account lifecycle.

Lending Success Stories

The First Cut is the Deepest

This top 5 financial institution deployed Safe2Change to screen all account address changes within its Home Equity Loan portfolio. Within the first months of operation, Safe2Change was responsible for catching two major fraud rings that tried to infiltrate the bank. This saved millions of dollars which would have otherwise been lost to the rogues.

Compliance, Your Way

This top 5 credit card issuer switched to ID Insight’s identity verification solution in order to take advantage its higher level of configurability. This financial institution was able to use ID Insight’s flexible match criteria, expanded fraud attribute library, and configurable rules engine in order to exactly match its Patriot Act CIP criteria.

The Automator

This top 10 credit card issuer has used Safe2Change for years to automate the address discrepancy fallout in their new account process. By moving to Safe2Change, this client was able to reduce their manual review costs on discrepancies by 90%, reduce their fraud incidence by over 20%, and increase their instant credit approval rates.

Approved for Sale

This platform provider serving the mortgage industry has integrated ID Insight’s identity verification for delivery to its hundreds of mortgage clients. Needing “best in class” borrower due diligence for eventual resale of the mortgages, this partner’s clientele enjoy the advanced identity verification, income verification, and predictive fraud capabilities offered by ID Insight.