Verify Clientele. Prevent Risk.

Property and Casualty Insurers make risk management their business, but nowadays the line between risk of an honest loss and risk of fraud can be very blurry. From the broker to the policy holder, from premium fraud to claims fraud – there are opportunities for fraud loss in virtually all aspects of the insurance process.

Whether it is for screening brokers or policy holders, ID Insight provides insurance carriers the tools they need to ensure they know exactly who they are working with, where payments are being sent, and what fraud risk factors are present.

Insurance Success Story

Evading Premium Evasion

This property and casualty insurer monitors policy addresses against ID Insight’s AddressWatch database of mail drop locations and other temporary or anonymous addresses. As these address types are commonly connected to rate evasion, fraudulent claims, and other abuse; this insurer is able to see this risk before it results in losses.