Verify Clientele. Prevent Fraud and Abuse.

Health care fraud, abuse, and bad debt remain an epidemic, and it is showing no signs of loosening its grip on the U.S. health care system. For providers, this presents the new challenge of managing patient risk. As medical identity theft is one of the fasting growing fraud categories, providers must ensure their patients are who they say they are. For health care payers, the sheer cost of care raises the stakes of claims management to a new level. Fraud and abuse continue to run rampant, meaning advanced data and analytic tools are needed to prevent loss and stay in front of the abusers.

ID Insight provides both health care payers and providers with the data and analytic solutions they need to verify their clientele, prevent fraud and abuse, contain costs, and improve revenue cycle outcomes.

Health Care Success Stories

Just what the Doctor Ordered

This patient access company has integrated ID Insight into its revenue cycle management platform, which is currently used by some of the country’s largest state university and private hospital systems. With ID Insight’s comprehensive identity verification, income verification, and predictive fraud capabilities – these hospitals are able to enroll their self-paying patients with confidence and without friction.

Addressing Fraud and Abuse

This healthcare analytics company uses AddressWatch to screen new healthcare provider addresses before claims are processed. By screening for high-risk address types with AddressWatch, health care payers can avoid millions of dollars in losses associated with erroneous claims submitted by fraud artists posing as healthcare providers.