Protect your Organization.

Protecting your organization’s physical, financial, reputational, and informational assets is mission critical. The risk of internal and external fraud is everywhere, and you need to stay one step ahead of those with malicious intentions.

Whether you need to screen enrollees, vendors, employees, or customers – ID Insight provides information tools to ensure you know who they are, where they are, and where they have been.

Government and Corporate Security Success Stories

Tenant Screening

This client deployed ID Insight to verify the identities of new tenants. In doing so, they were able to verify new tenant credentials and previous residences.

Background Screener

This mid-sized banking client used TraceID to verify new employee credentials and places of previous residence. It allowed them to identify potential fraud prior to hiring as well as review situations where credentials were incorrect.

Tax Fraud

This state government agency uses AddressWatch to screen tax refunds for potential fraud. When they identify consumers listing a suspect address such as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA), a hotel, check cashing outlet or other temporary address, it allows them to manually review for potential tax fraud.