Gain Insight into Emerging Threats

With a new paradigm of regulation, growing consumer discontent, and emerging mobile payment technologies presenting a very blurry line between opportunity and risk; banking institutions have their hands full. As they always seem to do, these seismic shifts in the marketplace have trickled down into the way legitimate consumers behave, and how fraud occurs.

We can help you stay in front of new and emerging fraud threats, while still keeping tight controls on all of the tried and true fraud methods that just don’t seem to go away. Whether it is on-boarding new customers, changing addresses for existing customers, or trying to track down bad debtors – ID Insight provides a suite of fraud tools to keep your critical business processes running safely and soundly.

Banking Success Stories

The Check is NOT in the Mail

This top 25 bank deployed ID Insight’s Safe2Change to comply with the FACT Act Red Flag address change requirements. In doing so, this bank immediately cut costs by eliminating address change notification letter mailings. Not only did the annual postage savings amount to well over a hundred thousand dollars alone, the bank saw a significant reduction in losses related to Account Takeover.

Cleanliness is Next to Cost-Effectiveness

This southeastern regional bank uses Safe2Change to screen all address changes and all new account applications featuring an address that differs from the applicant’s address of record. In addition to the fraud prevention aspects, this bank finds great value in Safe2Change’s address hygiene features. Because Safe2Change standardizes and scrubs every address through a rigorous postal verification process, the bank is assured every new address written to their customer information system is valid and deliverable.

Who are You?

This midwestern community bank chose ID Verification from ID Insight as their compliance solution to meet the Patriot Act CIP requirements. As a result, this bank saw an immediate improvement in their customer onboarding process. In addition to reducing customer friction at the new accounts desk, the bank’s compliance officer felt much more protected from fraud with ID Insight’s layered approach to detecting potentially fraudulent applications.

Return to Sender

This credit union tapped a combination of ID Insight’s Safe2Change and TraceID to stamp out their problem with returned and undeliverable mail. For the returned mail that did feature a new forwarding address, the bank ran Safe2Change to assess the risk of the new address and update their records – while staying in compliance. For the returned mail that did not feature a forwarding address, the bank ran TraceID to effectively find new contact information for their lost customers.

All Eyes on the Address

This financial services solution provider incorporates AddressWatch into their new account application fraud detection product, which has served thousands of banks and credit unions across the country for over ten years.