What Sucks with Social Networking

I am doing my best to get my GenX brain around this whole social networking thing. I also have to explain that I am a borderline GenX’er and was extremely close to being a ‘Boomer.

That being said, I have done everything I know how to do with LinkedIn and Twitter. I guess at this point – I have about 317 connections on LinkedIn and belong to 19 groups. On Twitter – I am following 12 people and have 9 people following me.

I obviously find some value or at least potential value by using these tools – but that’s no fun to write about, so I thought I would instead right about what sucks.

– I am sick of these groups on LinkedIn. I am bombarded with group discussion boards, when more than half are commercials in disguise or just blatant job postings. LinkedIn needs a better way for Group Leaders to police this. I admit that in the early days – I was trying to promote – until I realized how much it bugged me. So – yes – I was an ass and I apologize to anyone I offended.

– You can’t sync accounts. If you by chance set up 2 separate accounts on LinkedIn and are trying to merge – don’t bother. When you look it up in the FAQs – it says “Don’t bother”.

– Why do I have strippers following me on Twitter? I am a neophyte on Twitter, but this week I got notice that some lovely looking woman was now following me. When I looked at her BIO – I realized she was a stripper. Not that I am against strippers, but I was trying to envision myself at my Twitter home page with my wife seeing this seductive stipper sending me comments about what she was doing at the moment.

– Why is it so hard to find people on Twitter? I look up Bill Gates, and it tells me I can follow “NotBillGates”. However – I did find and begin following Barack Obama. Mostly – because I am most curious on the subjects that our leader Tweets on. We’ll see how that goes, but for now – it is boring.

– How to Tweet your horn. Now that I have 9 people following me – all but one that are not strippers – I feel compelled to tweet. However – I am striking out on what to say. “Hey – just got done eating a burger and it was yummy”, or “just mowed the lawn – man its hot”.

Anyway – thanks for letting me rant.

Peace Out

BFF Adam

Date Posted: July 1, 2009 Author: Category:   IDI Blog

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