Top 5 Business Resolutions for 2010

I am in the midst of trying to stick to my New Year’s Resolutions and this year also decided to put together my 2010 Business Resolutions.

Resolution 1: Be More Authentic

In the world of webcasts, email barrages, etc. it is difficult to come across as being authentic. People are tired of the “in your face” selling approach hidden behind the veil of a blog or information rich webinar. I have resolved to treat each communication with our clients and prospective clients as one that provides valuable information in a style that reflects who we are.

Resolution 2: Happy Hour

We need more happy hours – The name says it all! I am not resolving to drink more, but rather to celebrate more. I haven’t run this by my wife Kelly yet, but if it is a Business Resolution – I think I have a chance.

Resolution 3: Start Writing that Book

For years, I thought about starting a company, and I finally did. The other topic I have pondered is to write a book. I keep bouncing back and forth between a business book, a children’s book or fiction. The titles will range from “Building a Business out of Bubble Gum and Shoestring” to “Mr. Magoo Goes Bananas”. As you can see – I have some work to do on the focus, but resolve to finally figure that out and at least write the introduction.

Resolution 4: Twitter

I can now spell it, so that’s a start. I resolve to finally figure this out and make it part of my day and our communications strategy. I am a GenX guy, and looking to get with the times and this whole social networking world.

Resolution 5: Lunch

I resolve to make enough time each day for lunch. Try as I might, I many times find myself skipping lunch. I am going to start by putting an Outlook Reminder on my calendar, so that nice lady on my Blackberry will remind me “Adam – time for lunch”. I am trying to figure out how I can super-impose my Mom’s voice into that message. Of course, that is too technical and I will hold on that one until 2011.

I am a little worried about this resolution as it is in direct conflict with my personal resolution to lose some weight. Kelly tells me that I can eat nuts, berries and salads and kill two birds with one stone. I hate it when she’s logical. Dang!


Date Posted: January 13, 2010 Author: Category:   IDI Blog

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