Subscription Pricing?

For years, the largest banks have deployed fraud tool after fraud tool. In doing so, the typical end result is a combination of many tools that overlap in form and function.

This makes it difficult for institutions to bring in additional tools or functionality to improve their fraud detection capabilities. One of the major barriers is price. As more and more tools are deployed – the incremental benefit is reduced – yet it is rare for the fraud solutions provider to alter their price based on this.

One of these new tools is what can be referred to as “Velocity” or Link Analysis”. Most institutions know that an important piece of their overall strategy is to monitor repeat activity at the same address, phone number or Social Security Number. Eg. why have 5 unique people all applied at 123 Main ST in the last week? However – most insitutions have either not deployed that or are doing it in a rudimentary way.

We have developed a new technology that takes velocity and link analysis to a new level allowing our clients to expose fraud rings that they have not been able to see before.

However – while the value can be realized – we run into this dilemma described above. Because of this – we are beginning to think about a subscription based pricing model that incentivizes more volume not less. End result – better detection – less cost.

Date Posted: May 14, 2009 Author: Category:   IDI Blog

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