Data Breach Blahhhh!

I just got done reading my latest article regarding data breaches.

In this article, like many others, the author discusses how data is lost, that most breaches are accidental in nature, and the fact that 50% of laptops that are misplaced have personal identifying data.

This focus on data breaches and better protections is doing little or nothing to reduce the rapid increase in identity theft. In fact – it is diverting our focus from what is the much more important issue “What can I do with the data”.

If we add up all the breaches and data losses, I would imagine each of our individual ID’s are out there in cyber land many times over. That is not the issue – the issue is what can I do with the data.

For example – If I simply need to present that data to open a new credit card account and they open – then this is the problem. If I can use the data to create a fictitous Driver’s License which then is used in a routine traffic stop, then this is the problem. If I can use someone’s data to receive medical service in the victim’s name, then this is the problem.

The point is – the data is out there. While it is good practice to do all we can to secure data, it is not going to address the problem. We need to be spending our time, energies and monies on developing secure systems that do not allow someone with a print out of your personal data to take you to the cleaners.


Date Posted: August 24, 2009 Author: Category:   IDI Blog

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