Access Point Intelligence

As any young company needs to do – we have been intently listening to our clients and prospects. As we have listened, and as we have dug deeply into the data, we have coined a new phrase that we feel really underscores the next generation of fraud solutions that speak to what is going on. This new phrase is: “Access Point Intelligence”.

This is not entirely new. Over the past couple of years, you may have heard of the term “IP Reputation”. This is gaining favor in the e-commerce world – where solution providers are gathering information constantly about the IP address used to place an order.

In essence – the IP is an Access Point. When we begin to see funny things at the access point – this may be indicative of fraud.

While IP is important in the online world, the more traditional Access Points are things like addresses and phone numbers. Even in the online world – the fraudster may be able to spoof or hide behind an IP address – but I still need an address to receive the “goods”. For the fraudster to obtain merchandise, or financial instruments such as credit cards or debit cards – it typically requires them to present or list the address.

By focusing on that address and everything related – we can begin to gain a clear picture of whether there may be fraud occuring. As we have built up this body of research, we understand that by focusing not just on the identities and verification, but the access points – we can finally create holistic fraud detection systems.


Date Posted: July 10, 2008 Author: Category:   IDI Blog

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