Changing Approaches for Dealing with Address Changes

As with all industries, it is vital to stay informed with the most recent information and research. After all, you wouldn’t go fishing with last week’s bait.  Since our 2012 best practices approach white paper on how to effectively deal with address changes, some of our conclusions remain while others have adapted to the changes we see diving into the finance industry. We have updated our best practices approach white paper to keep you well informed with the latest information to ensure your risk management strategies are standing firm and ready for what’s next.

What has changed?

One change is the seemingly never-ending increase in postage costs.  Another change was the February announcement that the US Postal Service is ending Saturday mail delivery.  Now it will take even longer for financial services companies to send and receive address change notices. Just what we don’t need.  The Javlin 2013 Identity Theft report also indicated an increase in losses due to account takeover fraud.  What kinds of impacts will these changes have on fraud and your company?

Why does it matter?

Staying up to speed on your risk management strategies will save you in the long run.  Address changes make a profound impact on organizations based on what strategies they choose.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn more by reading our new white paper.

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