OK – I will expand that answer a bit. The term “Big Data” is becoming much more mainstream these days as most readers of this know. In fact – it is tending to become a bit over-used these days. It reminds me of other trending technology topics such as “Y2K”, “Data-Driven” or “Web 2.0”.

While Big Data is trending – it’s not exactly new. We have been discussing the exponential growth of data, text-mining and analytics are becoming mainstream and new database technologies and capacity are allowing us to do so much more.

I am sure that the term “Big Data” will eventually die off, but the topic won’t. To me, it will just keep on morphing to encompass much more than it does today. For example, much of the Big Data press discusses accessing and mining unstructured data accessible over the world wide web. However, I think over time, we will also see it encompassing not only unstructured data, but structured data as well. It is easy to understand the sexiness of turning unstructured data into meaningful business decisions. It just has “plain cool” written all over it. While structured data may not be as cool, it is also growing exponentially and the business decisions based on structured data can be much more precise and meaningful.

Somewhat related to this, I also see the notion of Big Data going beyond data and analytics to also include security. In fact, it has already begun. BankInfoSecurity article

Today, we are enthralled with the ability to grab billions and trillions of pieces of data, analyze it and produce a decision in nano seconds. Operating in the background is the notion of security. As we move further along, the drumbeat around privacy, usage and confidentiality of data, only gets louder. We continue to see more and more regulations around data – especially when it comes to private information such as people’s credentials.

I believe that in the near future, it will no longer be sufficient to access Big Data, but that we will need to do so in a secure fashion. We are right now expanding our Big Data technologies to go beyond just “data and analytics” to “secure data and analytics”. I am very excited that in the next few weeks, we will be unveiling our latest technology that allows us to securely go after Big Data. More to come.

Contributed By – Adam Elliott

Date Posted: May 16, 2012 Author: Category:   Featured, IDI Blog

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